We designed 87lab with these core values in mind –

they mean the world to us.

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Sustainability - We believe that businesses need to look beyond the short-term horizon and embrace a long-term vision underpinned by their values to achieve sustainable success. Every project, service or business should be designed with longevity in mind. This way, we use our resources strategically and let as many people as possible enjoy the fruits of our craft for a long time to come.

– Our definition of inclusivity goes beyond stating that everyone should be heard regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or physical ability – that should be a given in the 21st century. We believe that businesses need diversity in order to be successful in the long run.

Different perspectives mean a wider range of ideas and design inputs which ultimately leads to more usable software and better designed services.

Stakeholder Value
– Corporate short termism is driven by the quarterly pressure to reward shareholders. We believe that companies should look after their employees and customers in exactly the same way as they would look after their owners and shareholders. Smart, sustainable businesses take pride being part of the local community and caring for the environment.

– We take our work seriously, we take our stakeholders seriously and we take ourselves seriously - but not too seriously. At 87Lab, we enjoy what we do, and we love what we create. We want this to shine through in every project, process and interaction.

We work every day to live by these values and help our clients succeed. We help in creating better designed software and solutions, made by companies that succeed in the long run. Ultimately it will make this world more sustainable, inclusive and rewarding for everyone.